Actionist is the simplest way to organize phone calls to elected officials.

Actionist makes mobilizing voters to call their elected officials incredibly easy.


“I’ve written bills that became law because people called to complain about a particular issue I was unaware of.”

Isaiah Akin, Deputy legislative director for Oregon’s Senator Ron Wyden

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Calling is a Civic Duty

The team at Actionist believes there’s nothing more important, or as easy, as enabling voters to frequently speak with their elected officials on the phone. Actionist is a critical component of any action alert and is engineered to be the highest converting patch-through dialer for mobilized voters. Further, Actionist's reporting capabilities bring new levels of validation and measurement to your action alert efforts.

This country’s never been more passionate and emotional about the state of our government, and Actionist wants to harness that energy and compassion into actual phone calls to legislators. Now is a time for action.

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Activate your followers and directly impact legislation

Drive Legislative Change

Set the priorities for elected officials by generating phone calls directly from voters.

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Learn what content gets people to pick up the phone and take action.

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Discover which elected officials were called, and which communities are the most engaged.


Organizing Callers Just Works

Phone calls to the Senate, House of Representatives, or local government can directly impact legislation.

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Call Metrics

Don't just ask people to call legislators, find out if someone decided to actually call.

Referral Sources

Learn which traffic sources drive the most phone calls to elected officials.

Content Rankings

Get historic guidance on what content and values drive the most calls to legislators.

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