About Us

Actionist activates voters with high converting landing pages that enable easy patch-through calls to elected officials.

Our Mission
Just call.

The team at Actionist believes there’s nothing more important, or as easy, as enabling voters to frequently speak with their elected officials on the phone. Actionist is a critical component of any action alert and is engineered to be the highest converting patch-through dialer for mobilized voters. Further, Actionist's reporting capabilities bring new levels of validation and measurement to your action alert efforts.

This country’s never been more passionate and emotional about the state of our government, and Actionist wants to harness that energy and compassion into actual phone calls to legislators. Now is a time for action.

Leadership Team

Founder Bryan Cashman
Bryan Cashman

An experienced digital leader, Bryan brings 20+ years of experience building digital solutions for companies like Disney, Bank of America and Beachbody. Bryan’s accomplishments include managing multiple product launches at Beachbody, providing information security services to Intralinks, launching the delivery startup Foodida, and making Consulting Magazine’s Top 30 Consultants Under 30 list while at Deloitte Consulting.

Bryan has a BS in Management from Binghamton University, and certifications from Harvard University and

Allison Webb
Allison Webb
Customer Success Lead

As a public school teacher with six years of experience at public and charter schools, Allison knows the importance of political advocacy to drive real change for our communities. An active advocate herself, Allison is committed to ensuring that mobilizers have the tools they need to do their jobs better.

Allison has a Masters degree from University of the Pacific's School of Education, and a BA in English from UCLA.

Our History

  1. September 2019
    Actionist LLC founded
  2. January 2020
    Movement organizer product launched
  3. March 2020
    Voter mobilization analytics launched
  4. April 2020
    State government support launched
  5. May 2020
    Patch-through dialing pages available to all


(914) 570-4263


1515 7th St, Unit 91
Santa Monica, CA 90403

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