Actionist makes democracy easier.

We help advocacy groups put voters on the phone with their legislators, year round.

It's Never Been Easier to Turn Your Community Into Activists

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1) Share Link with Members

Leverage your mailing lists and social media channels and send users to your beautiful branded microsite, where calls happen instantly.

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2) Your Community Engages

Your microsite will auto-dial elected officials upon receiving a zip code, and provide callers with call content to discuss.

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3) Receive Insights

Accelerate your movement by receiving detailed analytics about when, where, and what content drives the most calls to elected officials.

Our Mission
Let's Fix Democracy

We believe democracy requires frequent civic engagement between citizens and their elected officials, beyond the current norm of only giving feedback through elections every few years.

Actionist partners with advocacy groups to drive phone calls from voters to elected officials, so that the voices of real people are heard by politicians, and legislation is written with direct input from citizens.

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Take the Movement Beyond One Day

A protest or a news event is a big deal, but for change to happen, a movement must activate civic engagement in the weeks and months ahead.

At Actionist, phone calls to elected officials happen every single week, to constantly remind politicans that voters will not forget about their issues.

Extend your movement

Activate your members and directly impact legislation

Drive Legislative Change

Set the priorities for elected officials by generating phone calls directly from voters.

Optimize Your Content

Learn what content gets people to pick up the phone and take action.

Identify Engaged Communities

Discover which elected officials were called, and which communities are the most engaged.


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