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Frequently Asked Questions

Actionist is dedicated to making active democracy easier. We believe all elected officials should be in touch with individual voters, and not just lobbyists and businesses. We do one thing, and we do it very well: we make it easy for people to call their elected officials for a quick phonecall.

More than ever, people are full of emotion about what is happening in government. Calling elected officials is the most meaningful action one can take to let an official know what’s important to you. Politicians want to be reelected, and by calling their offices, you’re letting them know what you, their voter, will weigh them against the next time they are up for your vote. Don’t just tweet about something: call about it.

Actionist creates simple dialing landing pages that people can send to those in their social network, mailing lists, or websites. Our landing pages contain call instructions and will auto-lookup which political should be called based on a user’s zip code. We even offer one-click patch-through calling.

Actionist will always be free, because grassroots organizing is so critical to democracy. Larger organizations should consider upgrading to a paid plan to support our platform and unlock access to professional analytics, branding and support.

Actionist is dedicated to enabling mobilizers to do their job better. By upgrading, you will unlock access to critical features, including:

  • Branded Calling Page
  • 30 Days of Revisions
  • Premium Customer Service
  • Reports for Legislators
  • Historic Call Lists
  • Voluntary Contact Information
  • Location Reports
  • Call Sources Report

Actionist respects the voter’s privacy, and will never record or listen in on phone calls with elected officials.

Instead, we are offer grassroots organizers with analytics to understand how they can do their job better. We help them solve questions like:

  • How many calls were made?
  • What zip codes are generating the most calls?
  • Which Senator is receiving the most calls?
  • Is Facebook a better mobilizing tool than Twitter?

This information helps mobilizers tailor know where to reach out and what messaging drives the most legislative change.

Actionist’s dialing page is compatible with most systems you currently work with. We can integrate with most platforms, ranging from link-tracking to full CRM integration. Based on complexity, some integrations will require paying for our integration team.

Vendor integrations include:

  • Blackbaud
  • Network for Good
  • SalesForce
  • ConstantContact
  • Mailchimp
  • NationBuilder
  • And more...
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